Dec 31, 2015

“Time flies like a plane.  Fruit flies like a banana.”

Another year has gone and a new one has come.  I’m always amazed how fast time moves.  We have created a number of great memories and look forward to what lies ahead.

As a professional clown I try to create a timeless atmosphere in which we can create long lasting memories.  This is one of the joys of watching a live performance and really buying into the characters.  There is something special that can happen.  A bond can quickly develop between a clown and a child (young or old) because of a shared experience that transcends the everyday “normal.”

One of the great things about these experiences is that it is not dependent on time or location. Whether I am performing in a hospital room or in a circus ring, what matters is the connection we have with each other.

To wrap up this little thought progression I wanted to share with you a little game I play.  It is one of the gauges I use to help me measure whether or not the audience is on the journey into the “timeless realm” with me.  Here’s how it works.  I watch them.  If they check their phone or their wristwatch, I lose.  But if you can see the look of childlike wonder in their eyes, not only do I win, but they win too.

I hope you take time this coming year to enjoy these little timeless moments.  May God bless you this coming year!

-Ben Christensen

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