Jun 11, 2013

Launch of New Website!


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Hey everyone.  Welcome to the brand new BenComedy.com site.

We are constantly striving to promote quality in our performance, in our ministry, and in our communication.  A new website was a big step and we have been blessed to have the services of Tenth Floor Studios at our service.

There are a lot of elements that have been carried over from the old site, like training videos, pictures, and resources for people looking to bring in a show.  However there is a lot of new information as well including a lot of new pictures, a new logo, and of course this blog page.  You now have a way to check in and see what the latest and greatest thing is by just visiting the site.

We are excited to continue to move forward.  There is never a dull moment as we continue the never ending process of growth.  We look forward to serving you however we can, whether that is though a live event or though information found right here.


Ben Christnesen

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