store_routinesJuggling and More

Cost: $15.00

Juggling and More is a conglomeration of clips from BenComedy’s DVD “Auxiliary Props” released in 2010, an updated juggling tutorial, clips from various live performances, and a bonus video from’s YouTube series “Professional Clown Comedy.” This DVD teaches the basics and several tricks for a number of props including: juggling, balancing, spinning plates, diabolo, flower sticks, and cigar boxes.


store_routinesJuggling Ministry Routines

Cost: $5.00

11 juggling routines that you can use in a ministry setting, whether that is a special program or a normal weekend service. This book comes complete with scripts, key verses, and a list of needed props.



Cost: $20.00

A fun skill toy. Like a big yo-yo that can come off of the string. Please specify color choice.


store_juggling-balls3 Juggling Balls

Cost: $5.00

Perfect weight and size for learning how to juggle. Best thing about these home made juggling balls is that they will not roll away when you drop them. Please specify color.



Cost: $20.00

Fun skill toy. Helps to develop hand-eye coordination, perseverance and creativity. Catch the ball on one of the three cups or on the spike. Please specify color choice.