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Aug 5, 2017

Connection Church in Canton, MI is hosting a free clown and puppet show for families with preschoolers on August 15th, 2017 @ 10am.  This show will feature Ben Christensen (World Clown Association Master Clown) and Scott Burkey (as Boxcar Silly). The show will run 45 minutes and will include puppets, music, magic and family fun.  More details can be found on the facebook event.

Dec 31, 2015

Happy 2016!

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“Time flies like a plane.  Fruit flies like a banana.” Another year has gone and a new one has come.  I’m always amazed how fast time moves.  We have created a number of great memories and look forward to what lies ahead. As a professional clown I try to create a timeless atmosphere in which we can create long lasting memories.  This is one of the joys of watching a live performance and really buying into the characters.  There is something special that can happen.  A bond can quickly develop between a clown and a child (young or old) because of a shared experience that transcends the everyday “normal.” One of the great things about these experiences is that it is not dependent on time or location. Whether I am performing in a hospital room or in a circus ring, what matters is the connection we have with each other. To wrap up this little thought progression I wanted to share with you a little game I play.  It is one of the gauges I use to help me measure whether or not the audience is on the journey into the “timeless realm” with me.  Here’s how it works.  I watch them.  If they check their phone or their wristwatch, I lose.  But if you can see the look of childlike wonder in their eyes, not only do I win, but they win too. I hope you take time this coming year to enjoy these little timeless moments.  May God bless you this coming year! -Ben […]

This year Ben Christensen was voted in as the Midwest Regional Director for the World Clown Association.  What that means is that if you live in Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana or Iowa and you are a member of the World Clown Association, then Ben is your representative and “go to guy.” Ben will be working to represent quality clowning in this region.  If there is anything he can do to help your local clown group then be sure to visit our contact page to get a hold of Ben. More information on the World Clown Association at WorldClown.com