Dec 4, 2015

Tiny Circus Book : A Kickstarter Project


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Remember the pictures from the Tiny Circus?  They were great right?  Well now we are trying to do something special with them.

With the Kickstarter campaign currently running, the Tiny Circus Children’s book is not too far from becoming a reality.  Live shots from live shows will be featured along with simple narration in this book geared for young children.

Pictured in the book are: Clown – Ben Christensen, Show Assistant – Christine Christensen, Juggler – Will Oltman, Clown – Braden Eaton, Clown – Nathan King, Mime – Dawn Day

To support the project or to get your own copy, check out the kickstarter campaign running now through December 20th, 2015.  Every dollar gets us one step closer to making this little project a reality.  Thank you for your help!

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